Diet. We´ve all been there. Whether it is before your wedding, or simply before the summer begins, we will probably never stop trying. However, it is even harder when you are the person who loves food.

Because we all know that this is the kind of love that is very hard to hide. So your diet often ends sooner than it actually begins. It is just impossible for you to stick with the healthy foods when everybody around eats all of the great stuff, such as hamburgers, burritos etc. And even though you keep on imagining all the positives of your diet, you still think that food is better. Just watch the video.


Has it ever happened to you? You wake up, you know that you have many responsibilities planned for that particular day, but somehow, you just do not feel like doing anything. And all you can think about is returning to your bed and staying in it for the entire day.

Well, I bet that you know what you are talking about. Come one, all of us know! Sometimes, we are just incredibly lazy. And that is perfectly fine, laziness helps us be more creative, you know? If people were not lazy to do stuff, we would not have half of the things we do now. Just look at these pictures and see how creative these people were! enhanced-buzz-25510-1443464439-17 enhanced-buzz-16912-1443466622-5 enhanced-buzz-24276-1443466662-7

There are two types of people. Those who shower during a day and those who shower at night. It is not that either of these two options would be better or something, it is all about how we feel. And how we live. Morning person will shower in the morning. But someoen who loves to sleep longer, would probably not do that, right?

Well, if you want to know which option suits you better, then you should probably watch this video showing what a life of a night showerer and a day showerer is like. Enjoy the video! And feel free to shower whenever you want to!


Or not. Actually, people are not really interested in hearing about other people´s dreams. Remember this next time when you start talking about what you think is the best dream that you have ever had. The chances are that it is not. Well, it can be the best dream for you, but for other people, it is just a weird dream they have to listen to.

Dreams are strictly personal things. They are designed just for you and that is how it should probably stay, don´t you think? Or you can try telling people about your dreams, but you will perhaps end up just like the girl in the video.


We bet that as a parent, you have come up with plenty of hacks on how to make parenting easier for you. Have you not? Well, if you think that you still might be needing some help, then we might have some great tips which will definitely make it easier! Just like how to make cleaning of  baby bottles easier. It is simple, all you need is baking soda, soap and boiling water. To see how to do it, click here.




Also, if you want your baby to sleep better, you can use white noise machine which are said to help kids fall asleep. Or, concentrate on the choice of the right color of the curtains. Darker curtains can help kids fall asleep more easily too.

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Plus, if you keep losing tiny baby socks, wash them in a mesh laundry bag.


One of the probably best things that internet enables us to do is ratings. It is just great that you can check out that restaurant you think looks good or the product that you want to buy…. It just gives you a real picture. Or a more real picture. I mean, you cannot rely on everyone else´s opinion, but you can make your own based on their reviews.

However, it is not only products and places that we can rate. It is also us, hwo get ratings! Like for example on Uber. Did you know that as a passenger you can get your passenger rating on Uber? Well, now you know. Just watch how these people reacted when they found out what their score was.


Getting your child to finally fall asleep can be a horror sometimes. Somehow, kids have tons of energy and they never want to go to sleep. Even though you might be in need of som good rest. Well, it is difficult to explain to a child that they need to go to sleep because you said so. And it will probably be useless, because they do not care. So what is the trick that will help you? Here are some tips from other parents that might help you.

1. Bedtime check list – a list of things to do before bedtime. Check off all the things that need to be done together.

2. Let your child read in bed, or give your child a coloring book.

3. Try lavender oil.

4. Get your child a special blanket.

5. Try giving your child a reward for each time they go to sleep on time. enhanced-18022-1442961525-1


There is one thing people do not know about maternity. And it is the fact that its beginning is not smooth. What you see in the movies, a happy, smiling mother, does not always have to be true. And you would not know it until you would have your own baby and experience it yourself if it was not for this woman. Danielle Haines decided to post her postpartum photo on her Facebook with a very honest comment about all of the feelings she were having the first week after giving birth. And the response she got was just awesome! Women all one by one started posting their photos and writing about their feelings. And so Postpartum Confessions was born. A website where you can read more confessions and also add your own story. enhanced-23737-1442699960-2


All you literature lovers, you are going to love this! A map of literature! Created by a 17-year-old artist from Slovakia! Martin Vargic says that is took him about three weeks to design and draw the Map of Literature, although he was often working on it for 15 hours a day.

However, the result is definitely worth it, don´t you think? If you love this map just as much as I do, you can find it published in Vargic’s Miscellany of Curious Maps: Mapping out the Modern World by Martin Vargic, of course. It will be on sale from 24 September 2015.

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Well, you are probably put off by the title of this post, but it really is not what it seems to be. Although, I am not sure what the title really is supposed to be for you. The thing I want to show you is this video where girlfriends shave their boyfriends´ faces. Why?

It is simple. Girls should know this, right? They are shaving nearly every part of their body every single day, right? Then why is it not easy?

The fact is, that shaving a face is different from shaving a leg. If you do not think so, then just watch this video and you will understand. Enjoy!