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5 Foods That Will Naturally Sex Drive

Despite that 4-minute Marvin Gaye song, you are going to need energetic and healthy foods to finish the job. Therefore, if you are planning a romantic date, don’t go chocolate, a bottle of wine, or a juicy steak. Natural ingredients are the key to get your blood moving to your, ahem, to give it the strength and energy it requires.

Connection between sex drive and foods is not a new phenomenon

The connection between sex drive and foods is not a new phenomenon in human sociology. I am talking about below five foods that you will find in your grocery store. Scientific studies in support have indicated a strong relationship between the ingredients and food in enhancing sex drive while others have known to be mood-killers and sometimes lowers drive.

Food is known to contain elements that improve human sexual desires. I am not talking about the exotic foods from the far end of the world. No. This article is going to discuss five foods that naturally boosts sex drive for both women and men


Obrázek1Spinach is naturally rich in magnesium and therefore a great source of energy. It helps in arousal of sexual desires for both men and women. This is according to a study done by Japanese Researchers.  The function of the magnesium from the spinach is to dilate blood vessels making the blood flow faster and swiftly. Arousal is stimulated by increased flow of blood to the genitals of both men and women.

Spinach is also high in folate which Folate is known as a sex nutrient. Folate lowers the levels of homocysteine in the blood that cause irritation the arteries resulting to a plaque. Homo also reduces the risk of getting a peripheral arterial disease (PAD).  People consuming folate on a daily basis have a 32% advantage of not getting PAD as compared to people who don’t consume.


Obrázek2Garlic is considered as a potential remedy for erectile dysfunction. The reason for this belief is that it increases circulation of blood via an enzyme known as nitric oxide synthase.  This, therefore, means that more blood is pumped “down there.” For you to feel these effects, you would need therapeutic amounts, but the odour can ward off any would-be fiancé. It has also been confirmed by researchers that, garlic stops the formation of nano plaques (new fatty deposits) within the arterial walls. Caution: don’t consume it while going for a date as it will make your breath unseductive.

Modern science has proven that for some men, garlic might be the best way of improving sexual performance. Dr Joerg of Berlin University Said that many men with heart diseases and would have impotence not realizing poor blood circulation and narrowing of the arteries in the groin is to blame. Garlic can help.  A good flow of blood to the groins means a man should not have a problem with sex.

Soya beans

Obrázek3They are a natural alternative to the protein found in a non-vegetarian diet. They are on grocery in the form of pulses (to cook) and oats (to take with milk). They have been known to be sexual potency booster.  Soy is good for both female and males. For women, soy has natural nutrients that have been linked to less PMS and better lubrication. To men, it has been found to lower their chance of developing prostate cancer. A prostate organ is a major organ of the reproduction system. A healthy prostate is linked to healthy sex life.


Obrázek4The avocado name was derived from Nahuatl, an Aztec language meaning testicles. This name was coined that way due to the unusual shape of the fruit. Just like with its name, avocados have sexual benefits to humans. These fruits are rich in unsaturated fats making them very heart-healthy. If you have a healthy heart, then it means the blood will flow to all the body parts and most importantly where it is required most. Men suffering from heart diseases are twice likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. Therefore, ensure every meal you take has at least a piece of an avocado.


Obrázek5Watermelon is 92% water, but it is a good source of libido stimulation. Therefore, do not bother visiting your nearest chemist to find a cure. All you need is a slice, and you are ready to go. Nonetheless, this fruit contains essential elements that boost the sex drive for both male and female. The effect of watermelon is like that of “Viagra”.  Phytonutrients such as citrulline converted to arginine increase the levels of nitric oxide in the body. This oxidase combined with lycopene relaxes the blood vessels just like “Viagra”. These two elements supercharge your stamina and prepare you for ecstatic sensation.