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Before You Leave Your Love

If you are planning to break up, then you need to ask yourself these questions so that you do not make the biggest mistake in your life.

Ask yourself why. Why do you want to break up? What makes you want to leave your partner? You need to have a serious reason and if you can answer this question and if you really stand behind it, then it is probably for the best.

Ask yourself whether you will still be yourself even when you leave your partner. If you can, then you should leave your boyfriend.

Ask yourself where you see yourself in five years with this partner. This will give you idea. If you think that your relationship is moving forward, then why leave?

Ask yourself whether you are happy or not. If you think that you might be happy with your boyfriend, then try to work on your relationship.

Ask yourself  whether this relationship is making a better person of you.

Well, if you think that your relationship still can be working, then you should probably try to work on it. Do not leave just because you think that things should be easier. The truth is, relationships are never easier, they require some hard work.