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Did Your Partner Have A Painful Intercourse? You May Be Doing It Wrong!

Yes, experiencing pain during intercourse may be caused by something you do wrong. But stop panicking! It definitely is not your fault that the pain occurs. It is just a matter of not having all of the information.

But that probably needs to be fixed, don´t you think? So, let´s have a look at this issue together.

The thing is, painful intercourse is sometimes caused by vaginal dryness. Of course, vaginal dryness is not the only cause of painful intercourse, but it can be your problem. And you should be prepared to deal with this problem.

Although, sometimes there is not much you can do in order to keep this problem from happening. Vaginal dryness usually occurs with age. So, you will need to be prepared!


But it can also strike when you do not expect it! In that case, a simple solution can just help save your sex life!

And the answer is longer foreplay. I know, many people underestimate foreplay, but the turth is that it is absolutely necessary!

Women need longer time to get aroused and a good foreplay helps a lot! So do not rush things. And if she is not wet, then just slow down and spend some time kissing, cuddling or doing something she likes.

Focus on her and do not focus on yourself! If you want your sex life to be awesome and if you want to stop vaginal dryness from affecting it, then you will need to start dong something about it! Try a lubricant or an aphrodisiac.

Just do whatever it takes, to change things! And do not panic! Many guys do not know how to deal with this issue, but now you do! So go ahead!