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Do you Feel like there is no way How to Save your Relationship? Try to Boost your Libido!

I have been married for 33 years. We got married at a young age (I was 20 and she was 19). Now, we still feel young, but something between us was not fitting. After trying many things, and even going to a marital counsellor for years, we were about to split. It was not as if we were angry or anything, simply there was no point on continuing our relationship.

Discover the missing piece in relationship

In that moment, and almost by chance, we came across the Spanish Fly Love. That was how we discovered the missing piece in our relationship. It was sex! But let’s not jump to a conclusion, and let me tell you the whole story.

Our Marital Life

We love each other, and despite we were young when we married, we learned to work it out together. About 10 years ago, we agreed that if any of us was not feeling good in our relationship, we would talk and if there was no solution, we would just end it. Above all, I am proud to say that my wife is my best friend. I feel like I can tell her anything, and she acts just the same.

Long story of joys and sorrows

5 years ago, we started talking about our life together. We had just been blessed with a grandchild, and we were talking about retirement. A long story of joys and sorrows is a strong bond, but we concluded that there was nothing else. We felt like two strangers living together, with a strong story. We just wanted more from us. We decided to give it a shot, and look for what was missing between us. It was a long journey, and right before we were about to split, we finally hit the nail on the head!

Our Unsuccessful Attempts

At first, we thought we were bored. We shared our ideas, and we scheduled a cruise together. It was a 15-day cruise along the Caribbean. The experience was good, but after we came back, we realized that we had gone as if we were single. We did share some things together, but among all the things to do onboard, we actually spent more time engaged with other activities than enjoying ourselves.

The cruise experience was very relaxing

We came back still floating on air, but totally disconnected. That diverted our attention for some time, and when we landed again we were stuck in the same point than when we left. Next thing we thought is that we were not connecting because we lack good communication. There should be something wrong with us, and we decided to seek help.

We made an appointment with a marital counselor. She was nice, and we worked with her in many aspects. Surprisingly most of our relationship was fine, but it didn’t feel any better. We actually became closer as friends, but there was still something wrong.

spanish fly love 1Hitting the Nail on the Head with Spanish Fly Love

A friend at the office was bluffing one day about how he had laid down with a girl half his age. He had used the Spanish Fly Love to enhance his libido and help her relax. The story is longer than that, because they had been dating for some time, but when it came to sex, the score was zero.

Skeptical, but willing to get positive results

That reminded me about the situation with my wife. I realized just then that we had not enjoyed good sex in ages! Skeptical, but willing to get positive results, I asked my friend for his Love beverage. He gave me a small bottle with a dropper. He explained me that I should mix 5 drops in our beverages. Then, everything would run smooth. And it did!

That day I came home earlier and decided to do something special. I prepared dinner, and put the magic potion on our beverages. I recall every moment and cherish every second of that night. We came closer than ever in over 30 years! And just for using few drops coming out of a tiny little bottle.

What happened Next?

After our amazing night together, we talked. We had avoided talking about sex unintentionally, and that day we were up all night talking. Of course I ordered a bottle of the Spanish Fly Love for ourselves, but it was much more than that. We are exploring our relationship in bed (among other places). That was the missing thing that is now our best feature together.