Foods That Make You Tired

Do you know what the things that are making you lose your energy are? Well, you might be surprised to hear that laziness is actually the cause of our…. laziness. Well, of our lack of energy. But that is something you need to learn to deal with.

And along with that, you need to stop eating too much of foods that contain protein, because their ph level is low and they are making your body feel tired. So, in order to make this happen, you need to stop eating too much meat. Try to have days when you will not eat meat, but something different. Healthy! Eat lots of vegetables and fruits and less meat. And the same applies to drinking milk!

And, observe how you feel on the days that you do not eat meat, and those that you do. Do you feel less tired? Well, then you probably get the idea!

Simple carbohydrates can also do you bad. Because although they give you a lot of energy, this energy does not last. So after ten minutes or so, you become even more tired than you were before.