How To Finally Get Your Kid To Sleep

Getting your child to finally fall asleep can be a horror sometimes. Somehow, kids have tons of energy and they never want to go to sleep. Even though you might be in need of som good rest. Well, it is difficult to explain to a child that they need to go to sleep because you said so. And it will probably be useless, because they do not care. So what is the trick that will help you? Here are some tips from other parents that might help you.

1. Bedtime check list – a list of things to do before bedtime. Check off all the things that need to be done together.

2. Let your child read in bed, or give your child a coloring book.

3. Try lavender oil.

4. Get your child a special blanket.

5. Try giving your child a reward for each time they go to sleep on time. enhanced-18022-1442961525-1