How To Lose Weight Without Having To Give Up On Booze

Booze is the one thing that we cannot give up on. Even during our diet. It is simply too hard to avoid drinking alcohol all the time, right? Well, unfortunately, if we really are struggling, we should probably learn how to live without it. It is just too many useless calories, or not?

Or, we can learn some of these tricks and continue doing what we want to do!

  1. Kill the hangover with a light cardio. I know, you do not probably feel like doing it, but just try! You have to overcome your laziness!
  2. Drinking slows down the process of fat-burning. So, in order to avoid any troubles, try to drink only 1 drink per hour.
  3. Add some ice to your drink! It will help you stay hydrated.
  4. Accompany each drink with a glass of sparkling water.
  5. Eat a balanced, healthy meal before you go drinking. This way, you will not want that greasy junk food afterwards.
  6. Find a drink with few calories and then stick with it!
  7. For hangover: vitamin C, green juice and activated charcoal.
  8. Avoid drinking on weekdays.

You can do this!