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Is It Time To Start Dating Again?

Going through a breakup is never easy. However, it sometimes happens that a person has to deal with a breakup. But the best thing is that no matter what, one day the pain stops and we are ready to start dating again. And in order to be able to find out when the right time is, here are some signs that might help you find out whether you are ready. Enjoy!

  1. You do not remember your last date.
  2. You do not think about your last boyfriend. Never. You do not miss him, you feel fine.
  3. You do not think it disgusting going on a date with someone.
  4. You start feeling good about people who are in a relationship.
  5. You start missing being in a relationship.
  6. You start liking guys.
  7. You can bare watching a romantic comedy without feeling disgusted.
  8. You think about the type of person you would like to see yourself with.
  9. You want to date because you want to date. Not only because you do not want to be alone .
  10. You think that you can trust another person again.
  11. You do not feel influenced by your past relationship trauma anymore.
  12. You just feel ready.