These Things Are Ruining Your Teeth

To have nice teeth requires thorough care. And elimination of certain foods. And money. Because if you have money, you can simply go and have new teeth made for you. However, if you do not, then you have to stick with all the rules just to keep your teeth healthy and nice for just as long as you can.

Well, now let´s discuss whether you know about all the things that can possibly ruin your teeth. You probably think you do, but let´s have a look at this list, shall we?

  1. Using your teeth to open packages. It can actually cause your teeth to chip. And you probably do not want that.
  2. You brush your teeth too hard. You can avoid it by using a soft toothbrush.
  3. You drink lots of stainers – wine coffee. They all cause stains on your teeth. Use vaseline before drinking coffee or wine. Apply a layer on your teeth.
  4. Grinding and clenching your teeth during sleep. It is hard to say whether you are a person who does this, however, if you wake up with a headache, it may be because of that.
  5. Wrong usage of mouthwash – after washing your mouth with a mouthwash, rinse your mouth with water.
  6. You are chewing gum with sugar.
  7. Drinking smoothies – smoothies and juices contain more sugar than soda!
  8. Chewing ice – a cube of ice is nearly as hard as a rock!