Your Post-Workout Hair

Well, let´s be honest. Our hair after a workout is a mess. However, one does not always have the energy and time to wash it properly, right? Well, do not worry, you do not have to do that in order to revive your hair after a gym class. You can simply use some of these tricks to bring your hair back to life!

  1. For sweaty strands, use dry shampoo. Simply spray it into your roots and hairline.
  2. Make a loose braid of your hair.
  3. Spritz some perfume into your hair for a better smell. You do not probably want to run around with a smelly and sweaty hair, right?
  4. A boho-style headband will help you hide your sweaty strands too!
  5. Use conditioner to smooth frizzy hair.
  6. Dryer sheets will give you a smooth look!
  7. Use hand dryer to dry your sweaty hair.

And of course, do not forget that it is also importnat how you prepare your hair for the class! If you spray some dry shampoo on it before you sweat, it might save your hair! Don´t you believe? Just try it yourself!