Hey, its Christine Makellams!

I made these website (with a help of my BF), to rise aware of a new product – Spanish Fly Love. It’s a little bottle, that can do real miracles. And can help a lots of you, girls.

i was sadHow it all begins…

 In short? I lost any passion for love making. I did not want it. It felt unnatural. It just wasn’t good. When I tried to find something online, I found like hundred of products claiming they will help me. I have to admit – I tried some of them. And the true is that most of them did nothing to me.

At first I was like, I am really broken, but after like 5th product I realized that these products are just… really expensive bottles of water or pills of sugar.

So I went to my doc

Yeah.. I didn’t want to, but I also didn’t want to lost my BF. Plus what I remembered, sex was great back then and I wanted that back.

The doc made some tests, everything looked fine and he gave me 2 options to choose from. First were some pills. There were on doctor prescription, I needed to take 3 each day for at least 2 months to see some results. That would be fine, but then I saw the “possible negative side effects” label and I was like – no, no, no. NO!

So he told me about this new dietary supplement that combines 7 different aphrodisiacs. He told me that he heard some good stories about it. Plus it wasn’t on prescription, I could just bought it online (understand? he doesn’t get money for promoting it). It was the Spanish Fly Love.

So I tried it for a first time

I found no negative side effects when I read all the reviews online, only that it is full herbal supplement. I ordered it from the official website, it come in few days, discreetly packed.

Dosage is easy – just drink few drops – no daily dosage, no waiting months to see results. C’mon, it looked too great to be true.

But it really was

Well, you wouldn’t be reading this website, if the Spanish Fly Love didn’t work on me. It does really work.

I took 5 drops into my glass of wine, drink it, wait about 20 minutes (they say 10 minutes, but I need more time to do anything, so yeah..)  and then it kicks-in. I feel some nice warm down there. I start to have fantasies about sex. I have dirty mind. It is amazing.

And the sex is better too. I don’t feel any pain during the intercourse. My natural lubrication is much better and I just enjoy it much more. Every touch of my BF is so intense that I feel like I explode in any second. Wow…

But it’s still not the best thing…

The best thing happened when I ordered it again. I used Spanish Fly Love every day, because.. well why not?

And after like a month my BF went to a business trip, so I did not take my 5 drops. And you know what? Even without the drops, I feel the same, natural taste for sex…

The same the next day. And the day after. I just want to have sex like I was young again. I dream about it. And when we do have sex, it is just great. And now, even without taking the Spanish Fly Love!

It fixed my libido.

I don’t say I don’t use it now. From time to time I use it. Just to… boost things little. But I am fixed. All the problems. My low libido. The pain during the sex, almost no lubrication and all that, is gone. And gone for good.

But almost nobody know about this miracle. So that is why I made these websites. Feel free to check them. I write as much as I know about Spanish Fly Love, but still if you have any question, feel free to ask me 🙂

And btw., I also do not get any money for selling Spanish Fly Love – as you can see I just link you always to the official pages of the product (here it is once again – https://www.spanishflylove.com/). All on this website is meant to be. And it’s all true 🙂